In thermoforming, plastic sheet is heated to a pliable temperature then shaped into a part by a male and female mold with the help of a vacuum. Categorized as thin-gauge or thick-gauge, the process is used to create products like clamshells, trays, and cups.

Follow These Tips to Maintain the Life of Your Thermoformer

Just a small number of regular adjustments can make a major difference in how your machine performs. Here are some tips and troubleshooting advice.

Thermoforming: Essential Reading

Award-Winning Package Boosts Lindar's Thermoforming Credentials

Custom thermoformer Lindar has experienced years of steady growth, with numerous technical advances to its credit, as it continues to expand its capabilities in packaging and industrial markets. 

SPE Adds New Categories for Thermoformed Parts Competition

Two new categories this year are parts produced with recycled/sustainable materials and those made using automation and new technology.

Making an Impact In Thin-Gauge Sheet

Creating a ‘virtually integrated supply chain’ that connects it with suppliers and customers has helped Impact Plastics add value to a wide range of sheet products, with a growing emphasis on PP.

Success Through Process Diversity

From heavy-gauge to light, and from the medical industry to the transportation market, Brentwood utilizes its wide range of thermoforming capabilities and expertise to engage customers around the world.

CAM Adds Agility to Custom Thermoformer

CNC machining permeates ATI’s business, making its operations more efficient and responsive.


FAQ: Thermoforming

How to fix a thermoformer?


Some shot-to-shot misalignment may occur even if the above adjustments to the rail are made. When issues arise, especially today, when OEMs’ technicians can’t travel to service and maintain equipment in person, it can be helpful to have a checklist for troubleshooting. 


Here are 10 of the most important steps for troubleshooting misalignment and other common issues in thermoforming. 



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