Testing in plastics can be done on the plant floor to improve quality in molded or extruded parts, and off-line in the lab not only to check if parts are up to specification but also to evaluate the quality of incoming raw materials.

How to Improve Quality with Offline Inspection and Analysis

Automated sample testing with a light table detects the smallest contamination in flakes, micro granulates and sample test sheets.

Testing: Essential Reading

How to Create and Use Digital Color Standards for Plastics

Moving to a digital color workflow can help streamline production.  

How to Optimize Color Evaluation of Recycled Plastics

The right color measurement instrument and good working methods will minimize variability in color evaluation of PCR.

Take These Steps to Optimize Your MFR Data

Make your life easier by paying close attention to the procedural steps detailed in the test standards.

Custom Molder’s Strategic Edge: Top-Class Metrology Services

Molding good parts is not enough. Better and faster metrology services for tool qualification and process validation make the difference for Octex Group.

Materials Knowledge Pays Off at Teel Plastics

Well-equipped and well-staffed testing lab elevates competence of custom processor.


FAQ: Testing

How to optimize color evaluation of recycled plastics?

Whether for resins with PCR content or for virgin resins, the keys to minimizing variability in your color evaluation are to use the right color-measurement instrument (spectrophotometer—benchtop or hand-held) and to create good working methods, that is, establishing a standard operating procedure (SOP). 

If you use an extrusion plastometer (melt indexer) to test the melt-flow rate (MFR) of resins, you can make your life a whole lot easier by paying close attention to the procedural steps detailed in the test standards, to ensure accuracy, efficiency and smooth operation. This is true whether you are conducting occasional tests or running extensive automated testing in a lab setting. Many say they meet a published test standard, but in reality they are not following the test standard exactly as written.


Testing Suppliers