Teknor Apex Creates Color Concentrates for UBQ Materials’ Biobased Thermoplastic

New color masterbatches will broaden potential applications and versatility of UBQ made from unsorted organic and unrecyclable waste.


Teknor Apex develops colorants for UBQ Materials biobased thermoplastic
Photo Credit: Teknor Apex

Teknor Apex has expanded its partnership with Israel’s UBQ Materials by creating new color masterbatches for the latter’s biobased thermoplastic UBQ which is made entirely from unsorted organic and unrecyclable household waste. This novel, worldwide patented material that has already been adopted by leading industry brands for manufacturing durable products with reduced environmental footprints. Teknor Apex has been an early adopter of UBQ developing eco-conscious TPEs made with 35% sustainable content, paving the way for other materials companies to develop more sustainable products within a circular economy. 

Teknor’s color masterbatch solution enables UBQ to be compounded with a brighter spectrum of colors beyond the initial brown, black and grey of the ‘climate-positive’ thermoplastic. Adding specialty colorant masterbatch or specially formulated colorants to UBQ  compounds allows customers to meet sustainability goals while still providing a visually appealing end-product. The new coloring capability makes UBQ a perfect sustainable material swap for applications such as point of purchase displays, pallets and more and has already been in use with major brands in both beverage and industrial industries. The masterbatch can be added to a wide variety of plastics and can be processed by injection molding, extrusion, and other processes.