How Was K 2022 for Blow Molding?

Over a dozen companies emphasized sustainability with use of foam and recycle, lightweighting and energy savings, along with new capabilities in controls, automation and quick changeovers.
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Faster, More Automated Changeover for PET Bottles

Faster, More Automated Changeover for PET Bottles

Sidel has updated its Bottle Switch technology for its latest PET stretch-blow machines, adding robot assistance.

Faster Neck Changes Add Flexibility to Aseptic PET Blow Molding

KHS machines now can change neck sizes and associated components in one-third the former time.

Ultra-Compact PET Machine For 12 L in Two Cavities

New size of all-electric reheat stretch-blow machine for large PET bottles debuted from 1Blow at K 2022. It retains the company’s signature small footprint and energy-sparing features.
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All-rPET Bottles with Glued-in Handles Save Material

At K 2022, KHS is showing a 2.3 L PET bottle with glued-in handle that offers 10% material savings and other advantages over clip-in handles. Bottle and handle are both 100% rPET.
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What Blow Molders Say About All-Electric Machines

They are well established in Europe, but molders in North America are just beginning to come around to all-electrics’ improved performance, maintenance, cleanliness, and—yes— energy efficiency. Here’s first-hand testimony, from the U.S. and abroad.

BLOW MOLDING: Single- or Two-Stage PET Bottle Making: Get to Know Your Options

The decision which process to use can be quite complex. Here are pointers that will help you to choose the right one for your application

How to Address Uneven Wall Thickness in Stretch-Blow Molding

Many conditions must be met to get the best wall distribution in a PET bottle. Skilled operators are, as always, indispensable.

Automa Acquired Out of Liquidation By Fellow Italian Firm

The Italian manufacturer of blow molding machinery has been acquired by a fellow Italian company, which services, rebuilds and sells used blow molding machines.

Your Pre-Installation Checklist-Part 1

The work really begins after you've ordered your new machine.

The Importance of Air Valves In Accumulator-Head Blow Molding

Proper air usage is an important part of making good blow molded parts.

50 Years...600 Issues...and Still Counting

Matt Naitove marks his first half-century in plastics reporting, with a few of his favorite headlines.
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At K 2022: Improved Automatic Process Control for PET Bottle Blowing

New Process Pilot+ from Agr International offers faster response and flexible goals for keeping PET bottles on spec.
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Water Bottler Powers Recycling with Renewable Energy

CG Roxane gets 30% of its power for repalletizing rPET at San Bernardino, Calif., from SolarEdge solar panels. 
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Solve Four Common Problems in PET Stretch-Blow Molding

Here’s a quick guide to fixing four nettlesome problems in processing PET bottles.

50 Years of Headlines … Almost

I was lucky to get an early look at many of the past half-century’s exciting developments in plastics. Here’s a selection.

Uniloy Enters PET Stretch-Blow Market with Assets from Amsler Equipment

Uniloy is now servicing existing Amsler PET machines and equipment and will build new ‘Uniloy SBM’ machines in the future.

Coca-Cola Pledges to Use More Refillable Bottles

Coca-Cola says 25% of all its beverages globally will be delivered in returnable/refillable containers by 2030, up from 16% in 2020.

Compression Blow Forming Now Available for PET Bottles

SACMI CBF has been adapted for PET, as well as HDPE and PP.

Stretch-Blow 1000-Liter IBCs from PET

Cypet introduces a one-stage ISBM system to provide a clear alternative to HDPE bulk containers.
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New Online Training in PET ISBM

Paulson Training Programs adds PET injection stretch-blow molding to its library of online training courses.

Everything’s Going Up—Including Machine Prices

With costs of raw materials, labor, fuel, and shipping going up, machinery prices are following suit.

Lightweighting Mold Technology For PET Bottles Also Saves Energy

Combining existing technologies for base design and mold venting offer savings to users of all types of stretch-blow molding machines.