Resin conveying includes central conveying; material handling; vacuum conveying; pneumatic conveying; transferring resin; angel hairs.

Six Tips to Prevent Those Annoying Streamers

Streamers are a vexing problem that can foul up production. If you have time and budget constraints, there “at-home” solutions you can try. But once you’ve exhausted those routes, you might have to throw a little money at the problem. Here’s a process engineer’s view of things.

Resin Conveying: Essential Reading

Looking to Handle More rPET? Don't Overlook Your Conveying System

There is a lot of important process equipment in PET recycling plants, and pneumatic and mechanical transfer systems connect them all. Downtime due to poor transfer system design, incorrectly applied components, or the lack of maintenance should not be a fact of life. Demand more.

Follow These Steps to More Efficient Central Pneumatic Conveying

Depending on when you bought and installed it, there are ways to tweak your central pneumatic conveying system to improve its performance and save you some money.

Conveying Elbows Handle 40% Glass-Filled Nylon

Lighter and cheaper than cast alternatives, new stainless-steel conveying elbows utilize a plastics-specific geometry and proprietary internal coating to withstand filled materials.

How to Maximize Your Conveying System Performance

If your conveying system isn’t up to snuff, and you don’t have the budget to overhaul or expand it, don’t lose hope. There are many factors that could be limiting your conveying performance, and a number of them cost little or nothing to fix.

Switch to Centralized Vacuum Supply Saves Molder Energy, Boosts Production

Less maintenance means more time for processing, thanks to elimination of vacuum pumps at each press.


FAQ: Resin Conveying

How to prevent streamers?

  1. Adjust solids-to-air ratio with bleed off value 

  1. Cool the pellets more 

  1. Streamer screener 

  1. Air-to-air heat exchangers 

  1. Specialty elbows and shot pinging 

  1. Change the transfer system 



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