“Refreshing” Color Masterbatch Collection for Blow Molded PET

Ampacet says its After the Storm line is comprised of vibrant shades of optimism and resilience


Ampacet's After the Storm color masterbatches for blow molded PET
Photo Credit: Ampacet Corp.

A line of color masterbatches of vibrant hues said to be reminiscent of the fleeting moments between a storm and rebuilding is newly available from Ampacet. Designed for blow molded PET, the After the Storm collection features a refreshing water droplet effect that reportedly brings a refreshing new look to differentiate packaging and enhance shelf appeal for health and beauty products, cosmetics, and personal care items.

Saif to be comprised of vibrant colors of optimism and resilience, the collection begins with Aporic Purple and Brain Fog, said to reflect the juxtapositions of an unclear state. It is then emboldened and strengthened by triggering memories of the past with Apriori, while Neuro Spark fuels one’s creativity for the future. Cyber Leaf and Hypnautic urge people to embrace new lifestyles for improved mental and environmental health, according to Ampacet.