Recycled plastics materials are formulated with reclaimed resins, production scrap or post-consumer reclaimed plastics for sustainability.

Rethinking Regrind

Regrind and recycled material are often requisite in projects these days, but for many molders, the “R” word triggers painful memories.

Recycled Materials: Essential Reading

Specifying PCR? Find Answers to These Eight Questions

Understanding how to work with the PCR available today is critical as packaging and other products are being redesigned for circularity.

How to Optimize Color Evaluation of Recycled Plastics

The right color measurement instrument and good working methods will minimize variability in color evaluation of PCR.

Recycling: Expanding 'Circularity' through Advanced Recycling Technologies

Recycling and achieving circularity for materials is at the core of the plastics industry’s evolving sustainable business model. Advanced technologies will play a big role.

Best Practices in Processing with Recycled Material

Inside: What brand owners are planning, and how processors ahead of the curve have already responded.

Former Has a Full-Blown Focus on Sustainability

Shepherd Thermoforming’s operation has spared millions of PET bottles from death by landfill. It also has taken steps to slash its own energy and water consumption.


FAQ: Recycled Materials


In general, the properties of high-quality PCR resins correlate well with similar virgin grades and can have minimal impact on finished article performance, especially with the right approach to product design. 



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