Purging compounds clean out plastics processing machinery between production runs. Types include chemical purging; abrasive purging; and non-abrasive purging.


The Power of Self-Emptying Technology for Extrusion Lines

Advanced purging compounds can save you time, frustration, and cost.

Purging Compounds: Essential Reading

Run Lots of Colors? Time to Consider a Commercial Purging Compound

Processors who use commercial purging compounds will see a reduction in scrap levels, machine downtime and overall cost.

10 Ways to Improve Twin-Screw Compounding Performance

There are many techniques known to operators and plant engineers for increasing the performance of a twin-screw compounding extruder.

Follow These Tips to Maximize Purging Efficiency

Commercial purging compounds offer dedicated solutions to your equipment cleaning needs, but some can be more effective in cleaning the ‘dead areas’ in certain screws and tooling. Follow these tips to choose the right one for your application, and make sure to follow the right protocol when shutting down for long periods.  

A Planned Purging Program Can Boost Your Hot-Runner Efficiency

Molders can increase the efficiency of their hot-runner operations if a strategic approach is developed to address the need for required resin and color changes.

The Experts Speak: Seven Cost-Saving Purging Tips for Compounding Twins

Purging gurus from the material, machinery and compounding sides of the industry offer their insights on best practices and tips that can keep your compounding twin-screw extruder up and running.


FAQ: Purging Compounds


Chemically active CPCs can be an excellent choice for fast color changes but may not be aggressive enough to thoroughly purge highly contaminated injection systems or highly filled resins. In such cases a purge formulation with a higher viscosity may be required to successfully dislodge a highly filled resin. Additionally, purging a hot-runner system requires consideration of the size of the manifold, gates, and melt channels.  There is no “one-size-fits-all” purging compound; a CPC supplier is your best resource to help identify the correct purging formulation and procedure for your needs. 



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