Free Cooling Chiller System Launches


Delta T Systems enters the free cooling space with a line that uses ambient air to cool the process fluid.

Upgraded CT Scanning and Multi-Sensor Coordinate Measuring Machines


Werth’s TomoScope S Plus 240 systems boast more than double the measuring volume as their predecessor with almost the same size.  

Multi-Shaft Mixers for Medium- to High Viscosity Applications


Range from laboratory to large scale capacities up to 4000 gal.  

Tilt-Down Conveyor is Flexible, Convenient


Offers a low center of gravity and full accessibility from standing height.   

Bulk-Bag Filler Can Accommodate Wide Materials Range


Suited for powders, granules, pellets, and other bulk materials, even materials with high bulk densities.   

“Refreshing” Color Masterbatch Collection for Blow Molded PET


Ampacet says its After the Storm line is comprised of vibrant shades of optimism and resilience

PEEK for Monolayer E-Motor Magnet Wire Insulation


Solvay’s KetaSpire KT-857 PEEK extrusion compound eliminates adhesion and sustainability constraints of conventional PEEK or enamel insulation processes.

Crosshead Offers Precise Concentricity Adjustment


Medical crosshead features patented single-point concentricity adjustment.  

Faster, More Automated Changeover for PET Bottles


Sidel has updated its Bottle Switch technology for its latest PET stretch-blow machines, adding robot assistance.

Clear Plastic Curtains Protect Molded Parts


PCS Company’s Moldshield can protect molded parts from damage and contamination during production.