Injection Molding

Warpage Waylaid Via Simulation

Designed to form a component that would hold headlights in place, the mold was intended to produce a front-end automobile bracket. Instead of parts however, the tool’s real output was problems.

Film Extrusion

Film Processor Automates Complex Resin Management, Blending & Distribution System

Polipak of Poland moves to BlendSave system to support sustainability and Industry 4.0 objectives.  

Film Extrusion

Young Stretch-Film Processor Bets on Nanolayers

Going up against companies with as much as double its capacity, young stretch-film processor Zummit believes that new technology — notably 59-nanolayer films — will give it a competitive edge.

Injection Molding

Faster, Fail-Safe Mold Changes with Multicoupling Hose System

Wirthwein Medical cut mold setup times in half, thanks to Hasco’s new multicoupling system for cooling lines.


DeDuster Systems Cleans Up rPET Sheet

rPlanet cut its gel count drastically—allowing it to sell more sheet at prime prices—after installing a DeDuster system.


Building a Consumer Packaging Powerhouse

TekniPlex extends footprint in consumer packaging through acquisitions, but plans to grow organically through a materials-science focus.

Molds & Tooling

Vacuum System Gives Molds a Chance to Vent

When the in-house vacuum systems and tooling tricks that NMC Dynaplas usually deploys to deal with trapped gas failed, it turned to a Mold-Vac system and saw reject rates go from 44% to zero.

Pipe, Profile & Tubing Extrusion

Teel Straps on Yellow Belt to Cut Scrap on Big Cores

Investments in a lean, continuous process pay off for this Wisconsin processor.


LFT-D Thrives in Automotive and Other Durables

Teijin Automotive acquires its 10th direct long-fiber thermoplastic system as demand for this technology soars.

Pipe, Profile & Tubing Extrusion

Covid Slowed Catheter Business? No One Told Putnam

Leader in extrusions and assemblies for minimally invasive devices had double-digit growth amid global pandemic, opened new facility, and continues to advance new technologies.


A Billion Pounds of PVC Pellets ... and Still Counting

PVC compounder Roscom credits 40-yr relationship with Italian machine builder Bausano for reaching this milestone.  

Film Extrusion

Productivity & Profitability ‘Turbo' Charged At Young, Growing Film Processor

Polymer Film & Bag adds extrusion capacity and new technology to make its two-year-old processing business more efficient.

Purging Compounds

Heat-Activated Purging Concentrate Cuts Molder's Scrap & Changeover Times

CH3 Solutions increased productivity on its multi-cavity hot runners with new Asaclean Plus Grade concentrate.

Engineering Resins

PSU Outperforms PC in Sanitary Biotech Sight Gauge

Manufacturer of single-use systems for biotech applications opts for PSU over PC for improved heat and chemical resistance.


Vacuum Technology Helps Thermoformer Hold Parts Precisely During Bonding

With Busch’s mobile claw vacuum pump, thermoformer Ernst Hombach found bonding parts extremely flexible, effective, and efficient.

Engineering Resins

Thermoplastic Composite Sings in Next-Generation Loudspeaker Cones

Compression molder Dr. Kurt Mueller replaced a thermoset composite structure with a carbon-fiber reinforced SAN sheet.


New PC Helps Molder Cuts Costs for Automotive Lighting Bezels.

Use of SABIC’s super high-flow PC allowed Brazilian molder to lower development costs and produce a thinner automotive front lighting bezel.  

Resin Conveying

Molder Eliminates Line Blowouts with Deflection Elbow

Parker Chomerics eliminated chronic elbow failures since switching to Hammertek conveying elbow more than two-and-a-half years ago.

Film Extrusion

New Die-Cleaning System Boosts Efficiency for Film Processor

IPG’s investment in Schwing’s cleaning system impacts processor’s bottom line by getting dirty film dies back in production quickly.

Additive Manufacturing

Custom Molder Enhances Disinfection Equipment With Novel Nozzle Design

Responding to the coronavirus pandemic, Protolabs' innovative nozzle protector successfully augments Foam-iT's flagship fog-mist disinfectant units.


Film Processor Boosts Line Performance with Air-Ring Retrofit

Air-ring upgrade results in output gains up to 23% for leading film processor in Indonesia. Gauge uniformity also improved.


Despite COVID-19, ERP Software Keeps Molder Working—Even from Home

ERP platform’s remote access, real-time operations overview, and transparency into production output and customer demand help custom molder weather coronavirus.


A Window of Opportunity Opens to One Million Parts a Day

Injection molder and moldmaker Lawrence Industries was founded on the promise of plastics as a replacement for metal in window hardware—a market it now dominates.

Consumer Products

Custom Molder Helps Entrepreneurs Choose Optimal Colorants for Successful Product Launches

Blue Ring Technologies has zeroed-in on Chroma’s highly-loaded G2 colorant system for the production of high-quality parts.

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