Where are the skilled employees?

That is THE question that plastics processing managers everywhere are asking. And they have been asking it for a while now. The skilled labor shortage is a real problem facing the plastics industry.

If you are having a difficult time finding skilled employees, you have alternatives. One of the best is freeing your company from the skilled labor job market by training your own experts. That exact strategy is being used right now by the most successful plastics processors in the world. Having a comprehensive training system in place lets you produce knowledgeable and skilled employees on-demand.


Paulson training Programs, Inc. has been teaching the “4 basic variables” and processing “from the plastics point of view” for over 40 years.

Now we want to help you, the plastics processor, to implement a training strategy that lets you become independent of the ebbs and flows of skilled workers labor market while increasing your productivity and profits.

Injection Molding Training

Injection Molding

From basic training classes to more specialized training. See what we have to offer in Injection molding

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We offer Single, Twin and Sheet Extrusion courses. Browser through our sample videos.

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