Faster, More Automated Changeover for PET Bottles

Sidel has updated its Bottle Switch technology for its latest PET stretch-blow machines, adding robot assistance.

Recycled Materials

Indorama and Evertis Collaboration Aims for PET Film From Recycled Trays

Indorama and Evertis announced they will collaborate to make food packaging film from recycled PET trays.


Life Cycle Assessment Describes Advantages of PET Containers Over Glass and Aluminum

Lighter impacts from PET than glass or aluminum across impact categories and disposable container sizes.

Recycled Materials

SK Chemicals Announces Acquisition of Chemical Recycling Assets

$100 million acquisition will facilitate entry to recycled PET market.

Planned Georgia Facility Will Recycle PET Chemically

Revalyu Resources will expand to the US with 225,000 lb/day capacity facility.

Stretch Blow Molding

Ultra-Compact PET Machine For 12 L in Two Cavities

New size of all-electric reheat stretch-blow machine for large PET bottles debuted from 1Blow at K 2022. It retains the company’s signature small footprint and energy-sparing features.


New Pepsi Goal Would Deliver 20% of Beverage Servings Via Reusable Models by 2030

PepsiCo will pursue multiple strategies to reduce proportion of single use packaging.


Handheld NIR Instrument Distinguishes PET from PETG

Mobile spectroscopy from trinamiX detects more than 30 different plastics—and now PET vs. PETG as an aid to recycling.


Comprehensive Optical Inspection for PET Preforms

Delta Engineering teams with Intravis to inspect preform mouth, body, thread and color.


Starlinger Unveils New PET Recycling Line

The recoSTAR PET Art line, unveiled at K Show 2022, offers advances in efficiency and uptime.

Recycled Materials

All-rPET Bottles with Glued-in Handles Save Material

At K 2022, KHS is showing a 2.3 L PET bottle with glued-in handle that offers 10% material savings and other advantages over clip-in handles. Bottle and handle are both 100% rPET.


Sidel Opens New R&D Hub to Study Design for Recycling PET Packaging

Sidel’s small-scale recycling line in France will study different PCR materials for bottle-to-bottle rPET recycling.

Stretch Blow Molding

Mold Opaque White PET Bottles – Without Pigment

Trexel and Husky are cooperating on molding recyclable opaque white preforms for PET bottles, which provide a light barrier using foam instead of pigment.

Recycled Materials

Sustainable Resource Management of Plastic Feedstocks

How Encina sees its future in the circular economy.

Recycled Materials

Recycled Plastic Flooring Product Recognized

Shaw industries recognized by Fast Company for its PET flooring product.

Polyester Follows Fish from Sea to Table

Japanese company develops process for recycling polyester fishing nets.


Why (and What) You Need to Dry

Other than polyolefins, almost every other polymer exhibits some level of polarity and therefore can absorb a certain amount of moisture from the atmosphere. Here’s a look at some of these materials, and what needs to be done to dry them.

Post-Consumer Recycling

Coke Makes Bottle Changes to Boost Recycling

Sprite bottles will be clear, while Dasani bottles will be made with recycled plastic.

Stretch Blow Molding

At K 2022: Improved Automatic Process Control for PET Bottle Blowing

New Process Pilot+ from Agr International offers faster response and flexible goals for keeping PET bottles on spec.


Advances in PET Bottle & Cap Molding at Drinktec Show

Easier label separation, higher rPET content, Industry 4.0 digitalization options, lighter CSD bottles, and more at German trade fair.


Water Bottler Powers Recycling with Renewable Energy

CG Roxane gets 30% of its power for repalletizing rPET at San Bernardino, Calif., from SolarEdge solar panels. 


Solve Four Common Problems in PET Stretch-Blow Molding

Here’s a quick guide to fixing four nettlesome problems in processing PET bottles.

Recycled Materials

Powder Coating With Recycled Plastic

Sherwin-Williams’ Powdura ECO line uses rPET resin to make a green finishing process even greener.

Commodity Resins

Prices Firm for Polyolefins, PS and PET

PVC prices have the weakest outlook among commodity resins.

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