Plastics play a huge part in the medical industry, including in catheters, IV bags, blood bags, ventilators, syringes and hospital beds.

Use Cavity Pressure Measurement to Simplify GMP-Compliant Medical Molding

Cavity-pressure monitoring describes precisely what’s taking place inside the mold, providing a transparent view of the conditions under which a part is created and ensuring  conformance with GMP and ISO 13485 in medical injection molding.

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How to Know the True Value of Conformally Cooled Injection Molds

What’s the return on investing in a new mold with conformal cooling to boost productivity? Will it pay for itself? How soon? Here’s a case study on how to answer those questions.

What to Look for in High-Speed Automation for Pipette Production

Automation is a must have for molders of pipettes. Make sure your supplier provides assurances of throughput and output, manpower utilization, floorspace consumption and payback period.    

Protolabs Addresses How to Survive a Pandemic with Digital Manufacturing

Protolabs survey results examine product development and the supply chain.

'10 Things We’re Seeing in Machine Shops Right Now'

Metalworking shops and plastics plants make for interesting comparisons of their responses to the COVID-19 challenge.

Processing Medical Plastics? Here's How to Minimize Risk

FDA now expects OEMs of healthcare products to also take responsibility for Tier 2 and 3 suppliers—making sure every supply-chain link is meeting Good Manufacturing Practices.