Additive Masterbatches for Monomaterial PE Film Applications

Ampacet’s Biax4CE portfolio of additives and white color concentrates designed for MDO-PE and BOPE applications.  


DSM Launches an AI Powered Color & Mechanical Properties Prediction Tool

Called Lucidiris, this prediction tool can reduce time to market when developing colors of high-performance materials for a variety of applications.  

Recycled Materials

Sorting Mixed Plastics by Color and Type

Steinert will demonstrate plastic sorting technology at K 2022.


High-Dispersion Rotor for Compact Processor

Billed as ideal for processing fiber grade, high color carbon black, and color concentrates.  

Post-Consumer Recycling

Coke Makes Bottle Changes to Boost Recycling

Sprite bottles will be clear, while Dasani bottles will be made with recycled plastic.

Injection Molding

Specialty Purging Compounds Optimize Color and Material Changeovers

Selecting of the correct purging compound can speed up material and color changeover time and reduce scrap. You’ll even save on material.


Color-Measurement for Extrusion, Molding

System helps processors control the cost of quality due to color variations, using real-time color data for QC analytics and color optimization.  


Colorants with Synthetic Leather Look for HDPE Blow Molded Packaging

  Ampacet’s Synthetic Leather color palette projects luxury look of leather.  


Fleet Management Dashboard Ensures Color Measurement Device Performance

X-Rite’s new intuitive cloud-based platform X-Rite Link provide real-time insights into color measurement device health.


Sleek and Sustainable Jaguar F-Pace Contrast Roof Produced with AERO’s Game Changing Sustainable Material Technology

AERO’s single-stage durable film technology includes adhesive/primer, color, and self-healing clear coat.


Teknor Apex Acquires Lanier Color, Expands Into PVC Colorants

Teknor broadens portfolio with PVC color concentrates and specialty compounds for building and construction.


Chroma Color Further Expands Business with Latest Acquisition of J.Meyer & Sons

The acquisition of the German-based company expands Chroma’s offerings of color concentrates and masterbatches for the medical and pharmaceutical markets.


Use These Twin-Screw ‘Tools’ to Improve Quality of Your Color Pigment Dispersions

A twin-screw compounding extruder is a single piece of equipment divided into distinct unit operations. Thinking of each unit operation as part of a toolbox can help determine what can be added or improved to process best-quality color masterbatches.


For Best Results in Plastic Color Control – Plan Accordingly

From the formulation of color in the lab to the quality control checks on the floor, using the right process and equipment is key to color matching from start to beautiful finish.


Equitech Establishes Worldwide Extruder OEM Sales Program

Manufacturers of extruders, feeders, and other processing equipment can work with Equitech to integrated its technology into their control and process management systems.  


Equitech Buys Stake in CompSol USA

Acquisition specializes in manufacturing of opto-electronic devices.  

Engineering Resins

Epolin Expands NIR Dyes and Compounds Business Through Acquisition

Chroma Color’s Epolin division has acquired NIR and laser-absorbing dyes manufacturer Adam Gates & Co.


Brüggeman & Grafe Develop Color-Stable eOrange Masterbatches for Molded & Extruded E-Mobility Nylon Compounds

What are said to be color-stable and cost-effectively processed eOrange nylon masterbatches for molded and extruded nylon components uses in E-mobility, have been jointly developed by Germany’s additives supplier Brüggeman and compounder Grafe.

Purging Compounds

Controller-Guided Procedure for Faster Hot-Runner Color Changes

Husky partnered with Chem-Trend to speed hot-runner color changes, pairing a new guided procedure within the Altanium Mold Controller with Chem-Trend’s Ultra Purge brand of purging compound.


How to Optimize Color Evaluation of Recycled Plastics

The right color measurement instrument and good working methods will minimize variability in color evaluation of PCR.


System Moves Color Control From Lab to Production Floor

In-line spectrophotometer from Equitech promises to move color management out of the lab and right to the extrusion line to slash waste and improve quality.

Additive Manufacturing

Pelletized Concentrates for Additive Manufacturing

Chroma Color can provide small lots to large production orders in a wide range of standard and custom colors.


Liquid Toner Technology for Consistent Color Dispersion in Transparent PC

Avient’s ColorMatrix Optica for PC boast exceptional clarity and color consistency for a broad range of applications.


REPI has Acquired Novosystems GmbH

Italy’s REPI, global supplier of  high-performance liquid color and additives for thermoplastics and polyurethanes expands product offering through new acquisition.

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